The Q Word


Close-up of a mid adult man throwing away papers

Adam has control over naming the podcasts and for the life of me it sometimes takes me a solid 5 minutes to figure out what they mean. This speaks more volumes of my intelligence than his branding and labeling techniques. However, I digress. The Q word in this episode is indeed referring to quitting. Yes, as in quitting your job. Although I don’t like the word quitting, especially in this situation. When I think of quitting I usually associate it in a negative light. I don’t think this is the case whatsoever. What we have here is a man following his dreams and prioritizing this trip over work for a few months. I mean it’s pretty much textbook quitting but maybe we should call it something like “going our separate ways” or “moving on”. Am I making sense anymore or have I lost you?

Anyways, highlights from this weeks episode include:

  • Adam announces he has purchased his tickets to Peru and will be leaving Chicago for 3 months
  • Adam & Dan talk about the different approaches and best approaches to quitting your job without leaving a fiery dust of bridges in your wake
  • They boys disucss which time periods in history they would most likely thrive
  • An exciting announcement at the end which revolves around the Podcast working with our former alma mater UMass-Amherst in the close future


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