Season 1 Wrap Up!


Thanks for listening to Season 1 guys.

Adam is currently in Peru, following sherpas, chasing mountains, and most shockingly without cell service. I sent him a snapchat like 2 hours ago and he still hasn’t opened it yet. Sue me, I checked. He might as well be hanging on an island with a bloody volleyball named Wilson at this point. I’m not implying Tom Hanks did anything with that volleyball in his spare time but I still haven’t gotten around to watching the deleted scenes that were cut to ensureĀ it got its PG13 rating. Don’t worry about me I’m sitting on my couch drinking some beers for the Pats game on a Thursday.

Don’t fret- we will be returning in 2016 bigger, stronger, and well more prepared. Hopefully you can wait until then to listen to us. Thanks again!

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