That Quarter Life Crisis with Katy Nastro


Katy Nastro

Katy’s a mid twenty something, trying to figure out the mysterious meaning of life, and how the heck she can take a sweet bite out of it – and not the other way around.

Katy’s world was recently rocked when someone she cared deeply for got sick. His decision to eject Katy from his life for whatever future he had left her paralyzed. On top of that, fed up with a career she could easily predict years out, she quit her job.

Three years in Boston successfully living on her own, Katy chose to move back to NY temporarily. Living with her parents is not ideal, nor where she pictured herself at this point in her life, but no one knows what life is going to throw your way.

Sure, emotional, depressed, and angry are adjectives currently in her arsenal, but Katy’s not that kind of person. As a part-time on-air correspondent for various projects, Katy has a sassy, confident personality that just needs a bit of shining. Katy calls this period “RealLife Reset,” and aims to slowly but surely pursue work she’s passionate about, and only have one night stands with Australians. Well, she’s happy to take any English speaking foreigner for that matter. Kids gotta have standards, ya know?

She doesn’t quite know the meaning of why this period of her life is seemingly uphill, but give her some time – this gal’s story is not done yet.

For correspondence with Katy, reach out via email: Katy.nast@gmail.

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