Aspiring Rapper Giddens Rateau


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About Giddens:

Giddens W. Rateau was born to Haitian parents in the city of Boston on October 20th, 1989. As early as his toddler years, it was clear he loved sounds. He would often pick up the telephone and wait for the dial tone to change to the busy signal then dance to it. In 1995, he watched Disney’s “A Goofy Movie” and his life unknowingly changed forever. It heavily influenced his dreams of being a musician.

Though he loved music, he found a new love in the fall of 2003 where he joined Catholic Memorial’s football program as an 8th grader. During his time in school, he joined the choir, began writing songs, and would perform at various talent shows. He started recording his written songs in professional studios at age 17. He went on to serve as a senior captain of Catholic Memorial’s varsity football team, and later would walk on to play at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Though athletics took over a huge portion of his life, he never let his undying love for creating music go.

In the Winter of 2010, he took “Empire State of Mind” by Jay Z & Alicia Keys and created his very own version titled “Amherst State of Mind.” This song went viral on the UMass Amherst campus as well with the alumni & entire UMass community. Today, “Amherst State of Mind” has over 73,000 views between two YouTube uploads and over 10,000 downloads of the original mp3. It was his first release under his new stage name, THA CAPITAL G. Giddens graduated UMass in May 2012 and kept his new fan base entertained with music video uploads to YouTube. After a two mixtapes, a handful of free downloads & live appearances around Massachusetts, he finally released his first full-length studio album, “GarageBand Project” on November 26th, 2013. He moved to Los Angeles, CA on August 1st, 2015 to further his music career as a solo artist.


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