About Dan & Adam

Adam Spunt

1915049_453353982872_6260453_nBorn in Montreal, raised in San Diego, went to UMass Amherst for college, and now live in Chicago.

I’m 25, and currently working for an importing company that manufactures commodity goods in China and then sells them to major retailers in the U.S & Canada..  I play hockey with the president of the company- and a bar conversation about importing pens led me to where I am today.

Previously, I worked for a sports marketing firm- which was an awesome job that I wish I liked more.  I’m hoping to go more in depth on this topic during conversations on the show.

I’m very excited to talk to people about their life and careers, and really believe this show can provide some value to me, and anyone else who wants to enjoy work.  Also want to give a special shout out to Erin Burton and her website readchatsip.com.  This is what we do for our friends when they have a project at work in 2015 and need to improve their SEO.

Dan McCarthy


27/M/Chicago/Yes, please see attached. That would be my answer if we were both in the same AOL Chatroom and you built up the courage to instant message Big88Dan, “A/S/L/Pic?”. Conveniently it also sums me up for this page pretty well too.  If you weren’t immediately scared away by a shirtless guy with a mustache in front of an Amazing Adult Express and wanted to continue this conversation you would soon find out that your courageousness to IM will pay off because I’m not a half bad cyber lay.

I’m originally from the South Shore of Boston and after graduating from UMass-Amherst in 2011 with a degree in memorizing accounting rules and spewing them out on an exam the next day, I lived and worked in Boston for a few years. After getting kicked out of Hong Kong bar on a Sunday night for hogging the karaoke microphone I took a step back and realized I was blacklisted from a good handful of bars in Boston. Betrayed by my own brethren and kind, I picked up a suitcase and moved out to Chicago in 2013 for a fresh start, which leads me to here. Not really sure what else you really want to know. There really is no end goal to accomplish with all of this, just jotting down my inner thoughts to share with the world wide web and friends.